Ali Meshksar

Ali Meshksar is a civil engineer and co-founder of the home renovation company, EA Home Design. The company, established in 2009, is located in Sterling, Virginia. Meshksar’s professional focus lies in structural design and sales, elements crucial to the company’s growth. He is also responsible for maintaining a customer-oriented approach, aiming to understand and execute each client’s design vision. 


Ali Meshksar is a recognized interior designer, known for his unique and creative designs. His work has gained attention, being featured in a variety of magazines, podcasts, and television programs. His approach to design has been appreciated by a global audience, positioning him as a relevant figure in the field.

Lianna Marketing

In addition to his work in interior design, Ali Meshksar has also founded Lianna Marketing, where he applies his understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics. His marketing strategies have resulted in notable outcomes for his clients.


Ali Meshksar develops marketing strategies using a combination of market research, analysis, and an understanding of client objectives. His strategies are aimed at improving brand positioning, visibility, and customer interaction. In addition, he combines his skills in marketing and interior design to provide integrated solutions.


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